Welcome Release History

Minimum configuration DNN 7.1.2+ (.NET 4.0) / DNN 8+ (.NET 4.5)



  • Fixes
    • Added support for DNN8
    • Minimum configuration is now DNN 7.1.2+ (.NET 4.0) / DNN 8+ (.NET 4.5)

Minimum configuration DNN 6.0.3+ / DNN 7+ / .NET 3.5



  • Enhancements
    • Added an IP address restriction based on a regular expression match - useful if you only want to show the welcome to a range of IP addresses



  • Updates
    • Added DNN7 version compiled against DNN 7.0.0

Minimum configuration DNN 5.2.3+ / DNN 6+ / .NET 3.5



  • Enhancements
    • Minimum supported install is now DNN 5.2.3 and DNN 6.0.0, both have to be .NET Framework 3.5 minimum
    • Updated to support Azure deployment
    • Updated settings layouts to take advantage of DNN6 styling and better conform to DNN6 standard



  • Fixes
    • Fixed a bug with import/export introduced in 2.1.2



  • Updated install for DNN5/6
  • Updated settings styling for DNN6


  • Fixed DNN6 compatibility issues
  • Minimum DNN version required is now 5.1, or DNN 6
  • Last DNN4 version of this module is now 02.00.01


  • Fixed a bug that required two clicks of a KeepHidden link before the module was finally hidden
  • Last DNN4 version of this module


  • Removed 2000 character limit from text message
  • Added standard tabbed interface to settings page
  • Removed old TokenReplace
  • Added standard token replacement based on DNNStuff.Utilities.dll
  • Added text to show when module is hidden (optional)

    • If this text is specified, instead of the module hiding itself it will display this instead
  • Minimum DNN version supported is now 4.6.2

  • Added [UNHIDE] token

    • When used with the 'show text when hidden' the user can click an unhide link to show content again
  • Added session expiring view counts

    • Helpful if you want to show a module for a number of views before expiring but have it show again when the user comes back the next time


  • Hides the module for admins and editors when in view mode if they have hidden the module


  • Changed Keep Hidden option to choice of option button or link
  • Added [KeepHiddenLink] token

    • equivalent to combination of KeepHidden checked and Hide link
  • Added WelcomeHide classname to the Hide link button for easier styling

  • Added WelcomeKeepHidden classname to the Keep Hidden option button and link for easier styling


  • Added token help
  • Added content version
  • Added keep hidden checkbox and keep hidden message
  • Added close button and close message
  • Added standard DNN token replacement
  • Added custom token replacements
    • [Views] - # of views so far
    • [ViewsRemaining] - # of views before module hides itself