What are tokens?

Tokens are keywords enclosed in square brackets [] that are replaced by their accompanying values at runtime.

DNNStuff modules rely extensively on several types of tokens.

  1. DotNetNuke tokens - tokens intrinsic to DotNetNuke
  2. Module tokens - tokens intrinsic to the module itself
  3. Logic tokens - tokens that test for logic conditions
  4. Data tokens - tokens used to loop and present data

DotNetNuke Tokens

DotNetNuke tokens are those that relate particularly to the current DotNetNuke session. These tokens are part of the DNN core framework and have the same syntax throughout all DNN sites.

Please see the list of Standard DotNetNuke token list and syntax.

Module Specific Tokens

Module specific tokens are those that are intrinsic to the module itself. Please see the specific module documentation for more details.

Logic Tokens

See Logic Tokens

Data Tokens

See Data Tokens

Eval Tokens

See Eval Tokens

Call Tokens

See Call Tokens

Token escaping

Token surrounding brackets [] may be escaped by using 0x5B and 0x5D respectively.