SQLViewPro Skins


Skins or Themes in SQLView Pro are located in the folder DesktopModules\DNNStuff - SQLViewPro\Skins. Each skin has it's own folder and the folder contains at a minimum a styles.css file, but can also contain images or anything else necessary for the skin.

Create your own skin

  1. Copy one of the existing skin folders to a new name. For instance copy the Red folder to a new name such as MySkin
  2. Go into the newly created folder MySkin and edit the styles.css file.
  3. The selector names have to match the new skin name, so change all occurrences of Red_ with MySkin_ and save your file
  4. Now, if you go into a SQLView Pro reportset or a report, in the theme dropdown you should see your new skin show up. All we've done at this point is copy an existing skin and haven't made any changes to the styles so it will still look like the Red skin.
  5. Go back and edit the styles.css file in your new skin and make changes to any of the styles and save the file and you'll see those changes reflected on your reports, parameters, reportset, grids etc.