SQLView Pro Release History

Minimum configuration DNN 7.1.2+ (.NET 4.0) / DNN 8+ (.NET 4.5)



  • Fixes
    • Added support for DNN8
    • Minimum configuration is now DNN 7.1.2+ (.NET 4.0) / DNN 8+ (.NET 4.5)

Minimum configuration DNN 6.0.3+ / DNN 7+ / .NET 3.5



  • Enhancements
    • Added paging support to Template report
    • Added additional cache scheme to data queries - you can now choose from Sliding (the default) or Absolute
      • Sliding cache resets the timeout each time it is hit so if you have a busy site the data might stay in cache a long time
      • Absolute cache expires after a set number of seconds regardless of whether it has been accessed and will reload at that expiry



  • Enhancements
    • Added paging support to Template report



  • Enhancements
    • Added paging support to Template report



  • Enhancements
    • Added paging support to Template report



  • Fixes
    • Fixed error that occured in MySql connections with ORDER BY



  • Fixes
    • Fusion chart settings were causing another object reference error
    • Sql install script error in 04.00.07 when using non standard database owner



  • Fixes
    • Fusion chart settings were causing an object reference error
  • Enhancements
    • Changed MetaDescription field to 4000 characters from 500



  • Enhancements
    • Changed how the report meta description field operates. If the field contains a <meta> tag then instead of the description meta tag being altered, all the text in the field will be inserted into the <head>
      The intended use here is to allow alternate <meta> tags for things like twitter card and facebook open graph



  • Fixes
    • Fixed issue where single selections in a multivalued parameter were not formatted correctly



  • Enhancements

    • Added two new tokens to grid report, [SORTEXPRESSION] and [SORTDIRECTION].

      If these appear in your SQL clause then automatic sort clause generation will not happen.
      The intention here is to pass these to a stored proc to allow sorting there instead.

  • Fixes

    • Fixed issue where tables in dataset using connection other than portal default where named incorrectly (ie. not Table, Table1, ..., TableN)



  • Fixes

    • Set timeout of SSRS (SQL Reporting Services Report) viewer to infinity

    • Removed unnecessary stored procedure (DNNStuff_SqlViewPro_DeleteConnectionOK)

    • Increased timeout on full screen dialog



  • Updates
    • Updated Excel template to use Flexcel



  • Additions
    • Added Excel Export Position to Grid Report settings to allow placement either top or bottom



  • Additions

    • Added a new report level field named 'META Description' which will populate the page META description tag if specified
  • Bug Fixes

    • XLSTemplate settings was not maintaining state when one of the xls template folders changed



  • Additions

    • Added two new report level tokens: [REPORTTYPE] and [REPORTTYPENAME] (ex. FUSIONCHART, Chart (Fusion))

      • REPORTTYPE will be a unique text identifier of the report type, REPORTTYPENAME will be a user friendly name (same as the report type dropdown)
      • To get a list of all values run SELECT * FROM {databaseOwner}{objectQualifier}DNNStuff_SqlViewPro_ReportType from the Host|SQL menu
    • Added a new rendermode on reportset advanced section to show report in a new window

  • Fixes

    • Exported reports missing cachetimeout setting could not be imported, also affected Browse Reports
  • Enhancements

    • Changed reportset fullscreen setting to rendermode
    • Chart properties can now use available tokens



  • Fixes
    • Fixed an 'object reference' error when adding new parameters



  • Important

    • This release is the first for only DNN6 (6.0.3+) and DNN7 (requires .NET 3.5+)
    • This release includes a fair number of refactorings to the code base and although I've done everything I can think of to reduce the possibility of introducing new bugs, please go through a sample of your reports and check to make sure
  • Additions

    • Added new SSRS Report Type (SQL Server Reporting Services)

      • Supports local and server based SQL Server Reporting Services Reports
    • Added new Excel Template Report Type

      • Dumps data into a specified page while maintaining the rest of the spreadsheet so you can create predefined excel pivot tables
    • Added new Mobiscroll Date Time Parameter Type (Date Time picker for mobile reports)

  • Fixes

    • Fixed issue when dropdown list parameter was referenced in different order than in the parameter list
  • Enhancements

    • Template report type now supports drilldown to other reports

      • Surround drilldown field with drilldown tag, details here [SQLViewPro_Template|Template report]
    • Ability to specify a cache timeout for all queries, defaults to 60 seconds

    • If cached query is accessed within the timeout, the cached query results will be used and the timer is reset back to the timeout value (sliding expiration)

Minimum configuration DNN 5.2.3+ / DNN 6+ / .NET 3.5



  • Additions
    • AutoRun - this new feature found in the Reportset | Advanced section enables the report to run automatically using the default parameter values



  • Fixes

    • Paged drilldown grid was providing wrong row of data to next report
    • Chart settings showPercentageInLabel not saving or working
  • Enhancements

    • Queries are intelligently cached for better performance



  • Updates

    • For any parameters that can result in multiple values passed to the report, if no values are selected an empty string is passed ie. ''
  • Additions

    • Added Multiselect option to listbox parameter
    • Added ability to change the number of rows displayed for a listbox parameter
    • Added support for Form values access
      • Use [FORMVAR:var] or [FV:var] for Form values access



  • Updates
    • Updated to support Azure deployment



  • Additions

    • Added GeoLocation parameter type - this will provide latitude and longitude of the user in latitude,longitude format
      • Alternately you can access the values separately using the subvalue format, [PARAMETER:MyLocation:Latitude] or [PARAMETER:MyLocation:Longitude]
  • Fixes

    • Default report type is now GRID
    • Default parameter type is now TEXTBOX
    • Fixed FusionChart data values and labels by XmlEncoding entities properly - single quote in labels were causing issues
    • Fixed FusionChart report footer - wasn't visible



  • Updates
    • Modifications to all settings screens to better conform to new DNN6 standards



  • Additions

    • Calendar parameter includes a server date format string - used to convert localized dates to a standard database date format
  • Updates

    • Parameter settings screens are better localized with full help
  • Bug fixes

    • Drilldown reports now only show if their specific column is selected



  • Minimum supported install is now DNN 5.2.3 and DNN 6.0.0, both have to be .NET Framework 3.5 minimum
  • Change to excel exporting - now exports are performed with a hidden iframe
  • Fix report footer render error
  • Update to license
  • Update to install for DNN5/DNN6

Minimum configuration DNN 5.1.0+ / DNN 6+



  • Changed data retrieval timeout to infinity



  • Fixed a bug in text parameters row, column property handling



  • Added a new report setting named 'Page Title'
    • If 'Page Title' is specified, the browser page title will be replaced with this value.
    • You can use tokens within this new setting



  • Added a new token [FULLSCREENURL] for reports which results in the url to the report without any chrome

    • It's effectively the same url that is sent to the jQuery Fancybox plugin when showing reports in the full screen popup
    • Useful if you want to send someone the url to the report by itself with selected parameters or to a printing application
  • Fixed a grid paging bug

  • Fixed an out of memory issue on large exports



  • Fixed bug when single or double quotes in chart titles or other properties
  • Fixed bug were some chart properties were not being saved the first time
  • Added row and column sizing for textbox parameter
  • Added Auto Run for dropdown parameters



  • Fixed a bug in Fusion Chart custom color set
  • Fixed a bug in Fusion Chart rendering when 'Always Show Parameters' option was selected
  • Fixed a bug when parameter not included in Custom Parameters layout
    • now assigned with empty value



  • Fixed bug in full screen reports - Only presents itself in later DNN5 implementations
  • Fixed bug in checkboxlist and listbox parameters - Single quotes around list items were getting doubled up



  • Fixed bug with drilldown parameters passing wrong row of data when multiple pages



  • Fixed DNN6 compatibility issues



  • Fixed bug with [PAGEURL] when using custom pararmeter layouts
  • Fixed bug with full screen module permissions
  • Added token replacement into list-type parameter option queries
  • Fixed single quote bug in queries .. single quotes now being doubled up before passing to query
  • Fixed bug with report ordering



  • Added Fusion Chart report type
  • Fixed unicode issue with report command and report options



  • Fixed Full Screen security
  • Added new token [PAGEURL] that evaluates to the current page. Useful for full screen report links



  • First DNN5 only release
  • Added Excel report type - exports directly to excel without showing a report surface
  • Changed excel report filename to reflect the name of the report it is coming from
  • Replaced calendar parameter caption with image
  • Added [ACTIONBUTTON] token to custom parameter layout to render the action button (Run button)
  • Added new reportset setting, Always Show Parameters. Parameters will not automatically hide after running the report.
  • Added new reportset feature, Full Screen. Clicking on the run link will show report up in a fullscreen popup. (Requires jQuery 1.3+)

Minimum configuration DNN 4.6.2+



  • Fixed bug in Grid Report that sometimes required two clicks to drilldown to next report
  • Added tokens for server variables. You can use either [SERVERVAR:key] or [SV:key] where key is the name of the server variable
  • Added new css class to div that surrounds the parameter, formatted as skin_Parameter (ie. Default_Parameter if the skin name is Default)

    • this new css class can be used to target styles for anything rendered as a paramter, input, select, etc.
  • Added None option to skin settings which emits no extra css style information

  • Modified ReportSet/Report - Header/Footer fields can each be up to 4000 characters now
  • Added [SQLViewPro_ParameterLayout|custom parameter layout] to ReportSet (located on the Advanced tab in ReportSet settings)

    • this new feature allows you to specify a custom layout for your parameters instead of having the module decide
    • tokens to represent parameters are formatted as [{ParameterName}], [{ParameterName}_Prompt] and [{ParameterName}_Caption] (where {ParameterName} is the name of your parameter)
    • for example you can use this feature to align your captions to the right or left of the prompts instead of having them on top
  • Added new repository sample (SampleParameterLayout) showing the new Parameter Layout features

  • Added copy report - creates a copy of an existing report
  • Added copy parameter - creates a copy of an existing parameter



  • Added escaped strings for [ and ] with 0x5B and 0x5D respectively



  • Added Run Caption to Reportset - allows you to change the 'Run' link to whatever you wish
  • Added Back Caption to Reportset - allows you to change the '\< Back' link to whatever you wish
  • Added Empty Parameter - empty parameter doens't prompt for anything, which allows you to implement a run on demand report



  • Fixed a problem with excel exporting international characters - now supports UFT-8



  • Updated - drilldown to pass the entire row to the next report as parameters

    • Example: If initial report has 3 columns (ID, Name, Sales) then [PARAMETER:ID], [PARAMETER:NAME], [PARAMETER:SALES] are available to the drill down report
  • Added - Hide Columns settings to Grid Report

    • Enter a comma seperated list of columns to hide. Useful if you require an ID field in a drilldown, but don't want to show it on the report
  • Fixed - querystring parameters weren't being replaced properly

  • Added - QueryString parameters can be called with shortform [QS:querystringkey]



  • Minimum DNN dependency is now 4.6.2
  • Fixed problem with excel exports in IE
  • Refactored token, parameter replacement
  • Token replacement now supports [#EVAL VALUE="expression"]

    • ie. can do things like [#EVAL VALUE="String.Format("{0:c}",[MyColumn]"] to format MyColumn as currency
    • See [Tokens_Eval|Eval Tokens]
  • Default values can now be set on any list parameters

    • default value can be either the value or text value of the list item
    • to select more than one default value for CheckBoxList, RadioButtonList used a comma delimited list of values
  • Added [REPORTNAME] token

  • Added parameter replacement, logic replacement to template body
  • Added overwrite warning when importing from repository



  • Header/Footer areas on ReportSet and Reports are now rendered as html not merely text

    • This means you can use html such as links, bolding etc. inside header/footer areas
  • Header/Footer areas on ReportSet now include token parsing for standard DNN tokens (same as report header/footer)

  • Changed token parsing to handle nested tokens (tokens within tokens)

    • For example, you can do something like this [TOKEN1 LENGTH="[TOKEN2]"]
  • Added #CALL intrinsic to token handling. This allows you to reflectively call functions from another assembly

    • Syntax - [#CALL ASSEMBLY="assemblyname" CLASS="classname" METHOD="methodname" VALUES="comma separated values"]
    • Example - [#CALL ASSEMBLY="MyFunctions" CLASS="Addition" METHOD="AddNumbers" VALUES="1,2"]
    • This will load MyFunctions.dll (from the bin folder), create an instance for the Addition class, and invoke the AddNumbers function passing 1 and 2 as parameters. See wiki for more info.
    • This #CALL feature will be most useful on template reports
    • See [Tokens_Call|Call Tokens]
  • Removed the query test when reports are saved. I was having some reports of false positives so I'm going to have to rethink how I do the query testing in the future

  • Changed connection string test when a connection is saved



  • Updated - Removed need to do an apply when creating new report sets

    • Previously when starting a new report set, you had to name the report set and apply the changes before you could add reports and parameters. This condition has been removed.
  • Added - No Items text for reports shows if no data returned from query



  • Bug fix - Parameter resources not deployed correctly
  • Bug fix - Object reference not set to an instance of an object error when saving parameters using connections
  • Bug fix - Parameter lists from queries not intializing if only a single column returned



  • Initial Release