Aggregator Module Wrapping

What is module wrapping

In previous releases of Aggregator you only had a single way of including modules within tabs. You merely added the module to the tab and each module was shown in order underneath the optional html/text area of the tab.

As of version 5.6.8 you now have the option of overriding this behaviour with the module wrapping feature. To wrap a module you simply add the modules token into the html/text area of the tab itself. The token for each module is unique and is made up of the prefix MOD and the module id of the module, for instance [MOD478] for the module with a module id of 478. To make it easier to figure out, the module token is presented in the listing after you add it to a tab.

Showing module tokens

Steps to wrap a module

  1. Add a module to a tab using the 'Add an existing module to a tab' option
  2. Locate the proper token next to the module you just added. In this example the token is [MOD478]
  3. Edit the tab itself by clicking on the pencil icon next to the tab
  4. In the html/text area, add the module token placing it anywhere within your html markup and save.

The example below shows an example of wrapping the module inside a table structure.

Wrapping inside a table

And here is the resulting tab after we have saved it.

Wrapping result