Aggregator Installation

Aggregator is installed using the same method that all other standard DNN modules use.

  1. Log in as a superuser (usually the host account, but it could be any other superuser account)
  2. Select the Host | Module Definitions menu item
  3. Select the Install New Module menu item from the drop down menu
  4. Select the Browse ... button and find the Aggregator install file you downloaded

    • Example -
    • Please do not install any package that has the word SOURCE in it. This is the optional source package and is not intended to be installed
  5. Select Install New Module

  6. You will see information about how the installation went.

    • If you see 'Installation successful' at the bottom of the page then everything is ok and you can start using the module
    • If you see any red error items, please email me at support at with the error messages and I will help you right away.
  7. Select 'Return' to return to the Module Definitions page